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Formed in September 1982 [1] as the Atari NY Lab [2], WCI Labs, Inc. was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Warner Communications headed by Atari veteran Steve Mayer. It developed computers for Atari, created entertainment software, and worked on projects with the music and cable divisions of WCI. [3]

In 1984, Warner sold 78% of the company to WCI Labs management. [4] WCI Labs reportedly became the Take One Company, which would "specialize in a variety of computer hardware designed to deal especially with computer graphics." [5] However, the manual for Dance Fantasy states the game "was created and developed by The Electronic Playground and Widget Company, Inc. (formerly WCI Labs, Inc.)" [6] (The title screens on the Atari and C64 versions still say WCI Labs.)

Research Methods: Actual mentions

Atari 8-bit

  • Dance Fantasy (US Publisher: Fisher-Price)


  • Dance Fantasy (US Publisher: Fisher-Price)

Commodore 64

  • Dance Fantasy (US Publisher: Fisher-Price)