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Company started by Jerry Lawson, who was previously the chief engineer behind the Fairchild Channel F system. Made games for Parker Brothers, Mattel, CBS, and Amiga. [1]

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  • 3-D Genesis (unreleased) (Amiga)
  • 3-D Ghost Attack (unreleased) (Amiga)
  • Color Bar Generator (US Publisher: Videosoft)
  • Depth Charge (unreleased) (Amiga)
  • In Search of the Golden Skull (unreleased) (Mattel) [2]
  • Mogul Maniac (US Publisher: Amiga)
  • Off Your Rocker (unreleased) (Amiga)
  • S.A.C. Alert (unreleased) (Amiga)
  • Scavenger Hunt (unreleased) (Amiga)
  • Strafe (unreleased) (Amiga)
  • Surf's Up (unreleased) (Amiga)