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Sol Corporation was run by Youichi Soki (曽木洋一), formerly of Orca [1] and TRY/Sonata/Human.

Sol programmers Takashi Hayatsu (早津隆志) and Junichi Kobayashi (小林淳一) went on to start X-Road in 2001. (They also worked for Doda.)

Research Methods: Actual mentions, hidden data, online resources (see Links), shared staff


  • SD Gundam: Psycho Salamander no Kyoui (sound?) (Banpresto)


  • Daikaijuu Deburas (programming?) (JP Publisher: Data East)
Graphics?: Mic
  • The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy (programming, some graphics; under subcontract with Kyugo Trading?) (US/EU/AU/JP Publisher: Taito)
  • The Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak! (some programming?) (EU/US Publisher: Taito)
  • Hyokkori Hyoutanjima: Nazo no Kaizokusen (programming?) (JP Publisher: Yutaka)
Graphics: Mic; Sound: Light Link Music
  • Karakuri Kengou Den: Musashi Road: Karakuri Nin Hashiru! (programming?) (JP Publisher: Yutaka)
Graphics: Mic?
  • Snow Brothers / Snow Bros. (programming?) (US/EU Publisher: Capcom; JP Publisher: Toaplan)


  • Cho-Nazo-O (programming, graphics) (JP Publisher: Emotion)
  • Kurashi no Manner: Kankonsousai-hen (JP Publisher: D3 Publisher)
Planning: Bestmedia; Programming?: X-Road
  • Nessa no Hoshi (programming? 2D graphics?) (JP Publisher: Itochu)
Music Programming: Cube
  • The Onigokko (JP Publisher: D3 Publisher)
Planning: Bestmedia; Programming: X-Road; Sound: Studio Cliche
  • The Sniper (JP Publisher: D3 Publisher)
Planning: Bestmedia; Sound?: Studio Cliche
  • Space Adventure Cobra: The Shooting (JP Publisher: Takara)
Sound: Studio Cliche
  • Submarine Hunter Shachi / Submarine Commander (JP Publisher: Victor; EU Publisher: JVC)
Sound: Studio PJ
  • Suzuki Bakuhatsu (JP Publisher: Enix)
Game Sound: Studio PJ
  • The War Simulation: Hito no Tsukurishi Monotachi (JP Publisher: D3 Publisher)
Planning: Bestmedia; Sound: Studio Cliche


  • Fist (JP Publisher: Imagineer)
Modeling: Fifchil; Sound: Studio Cliche
  • Seifuku Densetsu: Pretty Fighter X (JP Publisher: Imagineer)
Sound: Studio Cliche, Mint

Super Famicom/Super NES[edit]

  • Aoki Densetsu Shoot! (programming, graphics) (JP Publisher: KSS)
Sound: USP
  • The Flintstones: The Treasure of Sierra Madrock ([some?] programming) (US/EU/JP Publisher: Taito)
Some Sound: USP
  • Hisshou Pachi Slot Fan (sound [driver?]) (JP Publisher: Planning Office Wada)
  • Honkakuha Igo: Gosei (sound?) (JP Publisher: Taito)
  • Janyuuki Gokuu Randa (sound?) (JP Publisher: Virgin)
  • Kamen Rider SD: Shutsugeki!! Rider Machine (sound?) (JP Publisher: Yutaka)
  • Seifuku Densetsu: Pretty Fighter (JP Publisher: Imagineer)
Sound: Mint
  • U-Jin no Furi-Furi Girls (sound?) (JP Publisher: Planning Office Wada)