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Not to be confused with Soft Machine

Sofmachine, Inc. was a company co-founded by Garth Dollahite, Jim Dramis, and Paul Urbanus, who wrote TI-99/4A games at Texas Instruments. [1] It was incorporated on March 31, 1983. [2]

Due to a lack of venture capital funding and TI's exit from home computers, Sofmachine was unable to manufacture and market its three original games. Databiotics eventually published these under license. [3]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources (see Links)


  • Barrage (US Publisher: Databiotics)
  • Dragonflyer (US Publisher: Databiotics)
Originally called Spot-Shot
  • Jungle Hunt (US Publisher: Atarisoft)
  • Pole Position (US Publisher: Atarisoft)
  • QMaze (US Publisher: Databiotics)
Originally called Jumpy
  • Vanguard (unreleased) (Atarisoft) [4]