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Osaka Prefecture, Japan-based company started in December 1994 by former Sunsoft staff headed by Michio Okasaka (岡坂道夫). Currently deals primarily with the planning and development of Flash, Shockwave, and mobile games. [1]

Personal computer, mobile, Flash, and Shockwave games not included below.

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources (see Links)


  • Astra Superstars (Sunsoft)

Game Boy Color

  • Daffy Duck: Subette Koronde Ookanemochi / Daffy Duck: Fowl Play / Daffy Duck: Un Trésor de Canard / Daffy Duck: Auf Schatzsuche (JP/US/EU Publisher: Sunsoft)
  • Looney Tunes (JP/US/EU Publisher: Sunsoft)


  • Astra Superstars (JP Publisher: Sunsoft)
  • Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors / Galaxy Fight (JP/EU/US Publisher: Sunsoft)


  • O-Chan no Oekaki Logic (JP Publisher: Sunsoft)
Sound: Yoshidayama-Workshop