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Sanritsu Denki Co., Ltd. (サンリツ電気株式会社) was a Japanese electronics company established in December 1973. It manufactured communications equipment and vending machines before expanding into amusement machines in February 1977. After spending the first half of the 1980s making original arcade video games like Appoooh and Bank Panic, the company began to publish and develop home games, including many done under contract with Sega. This relationship culminated in the creation of SIMS, a new developer formed in 1991 with investment from both companies. [1]

Sanritsu was later involved in ship radio manufacturing, selling remote monitoring systems, and electrical safety management. [2] The company survived into the new millennium and for several years had a website.


  • Appoooh (Sega)
  • Bank Panic (Sega)
  • Changeleon (Sanritsu)
  • Combat Hawk (Sega)
  • Dr. Micro (Sanritsu)
  • Dream Shopper (Sanritsu)
  • Ganbare Chinsan Ooshoubu (Sanritsu)
  • Jantotsu (Kiwako)
  • Kiki Ippatsu Mayumi-chan (Victory)
  • Mahjong Kyou Jidai (Sanritsu)
  • Mr. Jong / BlockBuster / Crazy Blocks (Kiwako/ECI)
  • Red Selector (unreleased?) (Sanritsu)
Early version of Dream Shopper
  • Robo Wres 2001 (Sega)
  • Ron II (Sanritsu)
  • Rougien (Sanritsu)
  • Space War (Sanritsu)
  • Van-Van Car (Sanritsu)
  • Yachtsman / Mermaid (Esco Trading/Rock-Ola)


  • Alien Syndrome (JP Publisher: Sunsoft; US Publisher: Tengen)
  • Fantasy Zone II: Opa-Opa no Namida (JP Publisher: Sunsoft)
Developer: Jastec