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Ringler Studios logo

Studio owned by Ed Ringler based in Costa Mesa, California. Started in 1990. [1] Previously went by the names Alpine Software and Alpine Studios.

In June 1996, Microleague Multimedia hired Ed Ringler as Executive Vice President of New Business and Product Development. [2] On August 30, 1996, Microleague Multimedia acquired certain assets of Ringler Studios. [3]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, interviews, online resources, shared staff

Related Interviews: John Bartak

As Alpine Software[edit]

Mega Drive/Genesis[edit]

  • Mario Lemieux Hockey (US/EU Publisher: Sega)

As Alpine Studios[edit]

Not to be confused with another Alpine Studios, a company started in 2000 by former Sculptured Software graphic designer Les Pardew


  • Hockey (US Publisher: Atari)
Did this start out as Blood & Guts Hockey?

As Ringler Studios[edit]


  • Barkley: Shut Up and Jam! (unreleased) (Atari)
  • Brett Hull NHL Hockey (unreleased) (Atari)

Jaguar CD[edit]

  • Brett Hull NHL Hockey (unreleased) (Atari)


  • Full Court Press (unreleased) (Atari)
  • Heavyweight Contender (unreleased) (Atari)

Mega CD/Sega CD[edit]

Mega Drive/Genesis[edit]

  • Batman: Revenge of the Joker (US Publisher: Sunsoft)
  • ClayFighter (US/EU/AU Publisher: Interplay; BR Publisher: Tec Toy)
  • ESPN Sunday Night NFL (co-developed with Absolute Entertainment) (US Publisher: Sony Imagesoft)
  • Pegasus Racer (unreleased) [4]

Super Famicom/Super NES[edit]

  • ESPN Sunday Night NFL (co-developed with Absolute Entertainment) (US Publisher: Sony Imagesoft)
  • Super Slap Shot (US Publisher: Virgin; JP Publisher: Altron)


  • Starflyr (unreleased) [5]
  • Terra 2: The Octagon of Perfection (unreleased) [6]