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RDI Video Systems was incorporated on May 12, 1983, as Rick Dyer Industries. Prior to that, Dyer operated under the name Advanced Microcomputer Systems (AMS).

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources

As Advanced Microcomputer Systems


  • Dragon's Lair (Starcom)
  • Zzyzzyxx / Brix (Cinematronics)


  • Bike Computer (Entex)
  • Crazy Climber (Entex)
  • Space Invader (second revision) (Entex)
  • Spiders (Entex)
  • Stargate (Entex)
  • Super Cobra (Entex)
  • Turtles (Entex)
  • Video Space Battle (Entex)
  • Video Space Force (Entex)
  • Video Turtles (Entex)

As RDI Video Systems


  • Space Ace (Magicom)
  • Thayer's Quest (RDI Video Systems)


RDI Video Systems created this (unreleased?) LaserDisc-based home system.

  • NFL Football
  • Thayer's Quest