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===Super Famicom/Super NES===
===Super Famicom/Super NES===
*''Brain Lord'' (JP/US Publisher: Enix)
*''Brain Lord'' (JP/US Publisher: Enix)
:<small>Music/Sound: [[Opus]]</small>
:<small>Sound: [[Opus]]; Manual Writing: [[Adventure Planning Service]]</small>
*''Elnard / 7th Saga, The'' (JP/US Publisher: Enix)
*''Elnard / 7th Saga, The'' (JP/US Publisher: Enix)
*''Mystic Ark'' (JP Publisher: Enix)
*''Mystic Ark'' (JP Publisher: Enix)

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Produce logo

Established on April 6, 1990, by ex-Irem employees led by Shinji Imada [1]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources (see Links), shared credits


  • Paca Paca Passion (Namco)
  • Paca Paca Passion 2 (Namco)
  • Paca Paca Passion Special (Namco)

Neo Geo

  • Neo Bomberman [MVS] (Hudson)
Some Art Design: ADS; Sound Effects, Music Composition: Now Production

Nintendo 64

  • Dual Heroes (JP/EU Publisher: Hudson; US Publisher: Electro Brain)
Character Design: Crowd; 3D Animation: Polygon Magic; Cooperation: Toei Movie Studio, Xebec, Denki‑Mirai, Joe Down Studio


  • Tengai Makyou: Dennou Karakuri Kakutouden (JP Publisher: Hudson)
PSG Programming: Westone


  • Googootrops (JP Publisher: Enix)
  • Kaijuu Senki (JP Publisher: Produce!)
  • Kaikan Phrase: Datenshi Kourin (JP Publisher: Enix)
  • Mystic Ark: Maboroshi Gekijou (JP Publisher: Enix)
  • Paca Paca Passion (JP Publisher: Produce!)
  • Paca Paca Passion 2 (JP Publisher: Produce!)
  • Paca Paca Passion Special (JP Publisher: CyberFront)

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Brain Lord (JP/US Publisher: Enix)
Sound: Opus; Manual Writing: Adventure Planning Service
  • Elnard / 7th Saga, The (JP/US Publisher: Enix)
  • Mystic Ark (JP Publisher: Enix)
Music/Sound: Mint
  • Super Bomberman (JP/US/EU Publisher: Hudson)
  • Super Bomberman 2 (JP/US/EU Publisher: Hudson)
  • Super Bomberman 4 (JP Publisher: Hudson)
  • Takahashi Meijin no Daibouken Jima / Super Adventure Island (JP/US/EU Publisher: Hudson)
Story/Supervision: Westone


  • Aldynes: The Mission Code for Rage Crisis (JP Publisher: Hudson)