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Main principals of the company appear to have been Jun Saitou and Jun Osajima.

Research Methods: Shared credits


  • America Oudan Ultra Quiz: Shijou Saidai no Tatakai (JP Publisher: Tomy)
Planning: Wiz
  • Dungeon Kid (JP Publisher: Quest)
  • Great Boxing: Rush Up / World Champ (programming) (JP Publisher:Visco; AU/DE/ES Publisher: Taito; US Publisher: Romstar)
  • Over Horizon (US Publisher: Hot-B; EU Publisher: Takara)
  • Shi-Kin-Jou (JP Publisher: Toei Animation)
  • Robocco Wars (under Taito) (JP Publisher: IGS)
  • Ushio to Tora: Shinen no Daiyou (under Tom Create) (JP Publisher: Yutaka)
  • Western Kids / Cowboy Kid (JP Publisher:Visco; US Publisher: Romstar)

Game Boy

  • Burning Paper (JP Publisher: LOZC)
  • Suzuki Aguri no F1 Super Driving (JP Publisher: LOZC)
  • TV Champion (under Tom Create) (JP Publisher: Yutaka)

Game Boy Color

  • Moomin no Daibouken / Moomin's Tale (JP/EU Publisher: Sunsoft)


  • Seimei Wakusei M36: Iki Teita Mother Brain (JP Publisher: Pixel)
  • Thunder Bolt (JP Publisher: Pixel)
  • Zeta 2000 (JP Publisher: Pixel)

PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16

  • Kiki Kai Kai (JP Publisher: Taito)

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • New Yattaaman: Nanndai Kanndai Yajirobe (under Tom Create) (JP Publisher: Yutaka)