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< Companies

PC Engine/Turbo Grafx-16

  • PC Genjin 2 / Bonk's Revenge (programming) (JP Publisher: Hudson; US Publisher: NEC Home Electronics)
[Shared credits]
  • Toy Shop Boys (programming) (JP Publisher: Victor Musical Industries)
Graphics: Sofix
[Shared credits]

PC Engine CD/TurboGrafx-CD

  • Kagami no Kuni no Legend (JP Publisher: Victor Musical Industries)
  • Lodoss Tou Senki (JP Publisher: Hudson)
  • Mitsubachi Gakuen (JP Publisher: Hudson)
  • Quiz Avenue (JP Publisher: NEC Avenue)
  • Quiz Avenue II (JP Publisher: NEC Avenue)
  • Quiz Avenue III (JP Publisher: NEC Avenue)
  • Space Adventure Cobra II: Densetsu No Otoko (JP Publisher: Hudson)

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Hashire Hebereke (sound cooperation with Phase Out) (JP Publisher: Sunsoft)
[Shared credits]


  • Madou King Granzort (JP Publisher: Hudson)
[Shared credits]