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Japanese development house started in May 1987 and headed by Hiroshi Okamoto (岡本博視). [1] It appears to have closed around 2000.

In 2004, Okamoto co-founded Apria, a company that sells organic cosmetics (???). [2] It is alleged he programmed the infamous Transformers game Convoy no Nazo for the Famicom. [3]

Not to be confused with the defunct THQ-owned Locomotive Games.

Research Methods: Actual mentions, hidden data, shared staff

Nintendo 64

  • AeroGauge (JP/EU/US Publisher: ASCII)
  • Beast Wars Metals 64 / Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetals (JP Publisher: Takara; US Publisher: BAM! Entertainment)
Graphics: SunArt
  • Choro Q 64 / Penny Racers (JP Publisher: Takara; US Publisher: THQ)
  • Choro Q 64 2: Hachamecha Grand Prix Race (JP Publisher: Takara)

Virtual Boy

  • V-Tetris (JP Publisher: Bullet Proof Software)