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Teque Software Development Limited (incorporated on June 23, 1987, as Rapid 3384 Limited [1]) was a British development company formed by Tony Kavanagh, Peter Harrap, and Shaun Hollingworth. Krisalis Software Limited (incorporated on December 9, 1987, as Chrysalis Software Limited [2]) was set up as a subsidiary publishing label. The Teque name was dropped in 1991 [3], and the group continued to self-publish and develop games for other companies over the next decade. [4]

A restructuring occurred in April 2001 with a new management team of Tony Kavanagh, Tim James, and Simeon Pashley. The Teque Software name was brought back for one more game (PS1 Popstar Maker [5]) before operations ceased on November 30, 2001. [6] Teque was dissolved on December 11, 2004 [7], Krisalis on July 18, 2005. [8]

Teque London, a sister company, broke away in the early 1990s but continued to use the Teque name. [9]