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Ivy-Arts Corp. (株式会社アイビー・アーツ) is headed by Masaharu Inoue (井上雅晴), formerly of System Sacom. It was originally established on October 9, 1998 [1], as Media Jungle. It was renamed Jungle (株式会社ジャングル) in October 1999 and then its current name in April 2003. [2] The company is involved in game planning and production, computer graphics production, audio and video production, web content production, and motion capturing. [3]

Neo Geo Pocket Color

  • Shinkisekai Evolution: Hateshinai Dungeon / Evolution: Eternal Dungeons (EU Publisher: SNK)
Production: ESP


  • Garou Densetsu: Wild Ambition / Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition (JP/AS/US Publisher: SNK)

PlayStation 2

  • Black Cat: Kikai Shikake no Tenshi (JP Publisher: Capcom) [4]
  • Bloody Roar 4 (some motion capture) (US/EU/JP Publisher: Hudson)
  • Ichigeki Sacchuu!! HoiHoi-san (JP Publisher: Konami)
  • Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love (some localization) (US Publisher: NIS America)

PlayStation 3

  • Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope International (cutscene visual effects) (JP/AS/US/EU/AU/KR Publisher: Square Enix)

Xbox 360

  • Infinite Undiscovery (some visual effects) (US/AU/EU/JP/AS/KR Publisher: Square Enix)
  • Lips: Number One Hits (3D animation) (US/EU/AU Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios)