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GDRI talks to the people behind the games.

Microsmiths co-founder
Former Unexpected Development programmer
Founder, Double Diamond Sports and Spectacular Games
Young Scot programmer who worked at Now Production
Former Hot-B programmer and freelance contractor
Former Realtime Associates contractor and Realtime Associates Seattle Division founder
Former Realtime Associates contractor
Programmer and founder of Foley Hi-Tech Systems
Co-founders of Base Two and Venture Technologies
Microsmiths co-founder
Former Sega of America contractor
Founder/president, MNM Software/Mindware
Former contractor/lead developer, Punk Development
Former Sega Midwest Studio programmer
Former Sega Midwest Studio artist
Former video game programmer (Alf [SMS], Ballz [SNES/SFC/3DO])
Game designer/producer
Formerly of G-Sat
Formerly of Seibu Lease, Cyclone System, A.I, and Shimada Kikaku