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Insect (有限会社インセクト) was established in September 1995 by Akira Kito (木藤輝), a former Technos Japan programmer. Kito now works as an accountant. [1]

Game Boy Advance

  • DiaDroids World: Evil Teikoku no Yabou (JP Publisher: Epoch)
  • Ohanaya-san Monogatari GBA (co-developed with Noctovision?) (JP Publisher: TDK) [2]

Game Boy Color

  • X-Men: Mutant Wars (programming) (US Publisher: Activision)


  • Densetsu no Ogre Battle / Ogre Battle: Limited Edition (JP Publisher: Artdink; US Publisher: Atlus) [3]
  • Itsuka, Kasanariau Ashita e (some minigame programming) (JP Publisher: Sony Music Entertainment)
Developer: MBA International
  • Prisoner of Ice: Jashin Kourin (JP Publisher: Xing)
Co-Production: Sharaku; Some Music & Sound: Sparks
  • Pukunpa: Joshikousei no Houkago... (JP Publisher: Athena)


  • Pukunpa: Joshikousei no Houkago... (JP Publisher: Athena)