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Geo Factory Co., Ltd. (株式会社ジオファクトリー) was started in 1992 by Takaharu Mita (三田隆治) after leaving Genki, which he helped establish in 1990. The company worked on over 30 games. [1]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, shared staff


  • Keroppi to Keroriinu no Splash Bomb! (JP Publisher: Character Soft)

Game Boy

  • Zen Nihon Pro Wres Jet (JP Publisher: Masaya)
Sound: Mint

Game Boy Color

  • Super Real Fishing (JP Publisher: Bottom Up)
Planning: e-Team; Graphics: Team OX; Sound Driver: Asobi Create

Mega Drive/Genesis

  • Kishi Densetsu (JP Publisher: Kodansha)
  • Maten no Soumetsu (cooperation) (JP Publisher: Kodansha)

PC Engine CD/TurboGrafx-CD

  • Emerald Dragon (some visual graphics) (JP Publisher: NEC)
  • Linda³ (monster graphics?) (JP Publisher: NEC)
  • Seiya Monogatari: Anearth Fantasy Stories (cooperation) (JP Publisher: Hudson)
  • Star Breaker (JP Publisher: RayForce)
  • Startling Odyssey II: Maryuu Sensou (JP Publisher: RayForce)


  • Miraculum: The Last Revelation (cooperation) (JP Publisher: NEC)


  • Bassing Beat 2 (JP Publisher: E3 Staff)
Some Programming: Socio Art Logic; Coordination: Four Winds
  • Fisher's Road (JP Publisher: BPS)
  • Jingle Cats: Rabupara Daisakusen no Maki (some graphics) (JP Publisher: Sony Music Entertainment)


  • Top Anglers: Super Fishing Big Fight 2 (JP Publisher: Naxat)

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Mizuki Shigeru no Youkai Hyakkiyakou (some direction, graphics) (JP Publisher: KSS)
Main Programming: Khaos?
  • Seijuu Maden: Beasts & Blades (JP Publisher: BPS)
  • Super Fishing Big Fight (JP Publisher: Naxat)
  • Super Jinsei Game (JP Publisher: Takara)