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Genki logo

Genki Co., Ltd. (元気株式会社) was established on October 16, 1990. Virtually all of the founding staff appears to have previously worked at Sega on titles including Dynamite Dux and Sword of Vermilion; a notable exception was Takaharu Mita, a freelancer who previously worked at Zap and Quest, and who left in 1992 to start Geo Factory.

The company found international success in the late '90s with the Tokyo Xtreme Racer series. It became a consolidated subsidiary of pachinko maker Daikoku Denki in February 2006. [1]

After a period of poor sales for its original games, Genki became insolvent. In 2008, Genki was renamed CLK (CLK株式会社), and the game software business was spun off into a new company called GK (GK株式会社), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Daikoku Denki [2], which was eventually renamed Genki. CLK, Genki's original corporate entity, was dissolved on April 25, 2008. [3]

Genki had a majority-owned subsidiary called Doda that specialized in racing games, which was established in May 1996. Genki acquired it outright and dissolved it in 2000. Genki also set up a development subsidiary in Singapore in 2004 called G-Gadget. It broke away and became Gevo Entertainment in 2006.


  • Burning Soldier (JP Publisher: Pack-In-Video; US/CA Publisher: Panasonic)
Music Direction: Gingham Soft
  • Scramble Cobra (JP Publisher: Pack-In-Video; US/EU Publisher: Panasonic)
Sound Direction: Gingham Soft


  • Super Magnetic Niuniu / Super Magnetic Neo (JP Publisher: Genki; US/EU Publisher: Crave Entertainment)
Sound: T's Music


  • Jet Impulse (co-developed with G-Gadget) (JP Publisher: Nintendo) [4]
CG Movies: Jet Graphics; Sound?: Genki Mobile (listed on US copyright registration); Voices: Mausu Promotion; Recording: Studio Mausu; Some Testing: Super Mario Club

Game Boy Advance

  • Napoleon / L'Aigle de Guerre (JP/FR Publisher: Nintendo)

Mega CD/Sega CD

Production, Technical Support: Micronet

Mega Drive/Genesis

  • Metal Fangs (programming, graphics?) (JP Publisher: Victor Entertainment)
  • Ninja Burai Densetsu (programming, graphics; under subcontract with SIMS?) (JP Publisher: Sega)

Nintendo 64

  • Choukuukan Nighter Pro Yakyuu King (JP Publisher: Imagineer) [5]
Sound: Mint
  • Multi Racing Championship / MRC: Multi-Racing Championship (JP Publisher: Imagineer; US/EU Publisher: Ocean)
Sound: Opus


  • Beltlogger 9 / BRAHMA Force: The Assault on Beltlogger 9 / BRAHMA Force (JP Publisher: Genki; US Publisher: Jaleco; EU Publisher: JVC)
Sound: T's Music
  • Fist (JP Publisher: Imagineer)
Sound: Studio Cliche
  • Kileak: The Blood / Kileak: The DNA Imperative (JP Publisher: Sony Music Entertainment; US/EU Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment)
  • Kileak: The Blood 2: Reason in Madness / Epidemic (JP Publisher: Sony Music Entertainment; US/EU Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment)
  • Tamamayu Monogatari / Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu (JP Publisher: Genki; US/EU Publisher: Crave Entertainment)

PlayStation 2

  • The Fast and the Furious (unreleased) (Vivendi Universal Games)

PlayStation 3

  • Katamari Damacy Tribute / Katamari Forever (JP/AS/KR/EU/US/AU Publisher: Bandai Namco Games)
  • Miyazato San Kyoudai Naizou: Sega Golf Club (JP Publisher: Sega) [6]


  • Deadalus / Robotica / Robotica: Cybernation Revolt (JP/EU Publisher: Sega; US Publisher: Acclaim)
Production: Micronet; Sound: T's Music
  • Initial D: Koudou Saisoku Densetsu (JP Publisher: Kodansha)
Developer: Natsume; Music: GETS; Sound Effects: T's Music
  • Shutokou Battle '97 (JP Publisher: Imagineer)
Developer: Natsume
  • Wangan Dead Heat (JP Publisher: Pack-In-Video)
Sound: T's Music

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Accele Brid (JP Publisher: Tomy)
Design and Setting Cooperation: Adventure Planning Service; Sound: Sound M's
  • America Oudan Ultra Quiz (JP Publisher: Tomy)
  • Bakutou Dodgers: Bumps-shima wa Oosawagi (JP Publisher: Bullet-Proof Software)
  • Bike Daisuki! Hashiriya Tamashii - Rider's-Spirits (JP Publisher: Masaya)
  • Drift King Shutokou Battle '94 (JP Publisher: Bullet-Proof Software)
  • Drift King Shutokou Battle 2 (JP Publisher: Bullet-Proof Software)
  • Final Stretch (JP Publisher: LOZC)
Sound: Opus
  • GP-1 (JP/US/EU Publisher: Atlus)
  • GP-1 RS: Rapid Stream / GP-1 Part II (JP/US Publisher: Atlus)
  • King of the Monsters (JP/US Publisher: Takara)
  • Michael Andretti's Indy Car Challenge (US/JP Publisher: Bullet-Proof Software)
  • Seifuku Densetsu: Pretty Fighter (JP Publisher: Imagineer)
Sound: Mint
  • Soukou Kihei Votoms: The Battling Road (JP Publisher: Takara)
  • Super Shanghai: Dragon's Eye / Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye (JP Publisher: Hot-B; US Publisher: Activision)
  • Suzuki Aguri no F-1 Super Driving / Redline F-1 Racer / Aguri Suzuki F-1 Super Driving (JP Publisher: LOZC; US Publisher: Absolute; EU Publisher: Altron)


  • The Fast and the Furious (unreleased) (Vivendi Universal Games)
  • Phantom Crash (JP Publisher: Genki; US/EU Publisher: Phantagram Interactive)
Background Modeling: Polygon Magic; Interface Design: Wax Graphics; Advertisement Movie: Avant