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Falcon logo

Falcon Co., Ltd. (ファルコン株式会社), is a development company based in Iwakura, Aichi, established in December 1988. [1] It was founded by husband and wife Kazuhiko Ito (伊藤和彦) and Midori Ito (伊藤みどり). The two met while he was a programmer at Micro Cabin and she worked at Yamaha's MSX division. [2] [3] Midori is the company president. [4]

As of October 2010, Falcon has worked on the following platforms: MSX2 (7 titles), PC-8801 (1), PC-9801 (10), FM Towns (5), J-3100 (3), X68000 (6), Macintosh (2), Windows (38), X55 (2), PC Engine CD-ROM² (6), PC Engine HuCard (1), Game Boy (5), Game Boy Color (2), Famicom (2), Super Famicom (8), PlayStation (16), PlayStation 2 (18), PlayStation 3 (1), PlayStation Portable (1), Game Gear (2), Sega Saturn (9), Dreamcast (6), i-appli (1), 組み込み (9). [5]

Falcon also co-owns the Thinking Rabbit properties including the puzzle game Sokoban. [6]

Tierheit logo

Tierheit (ティールハイト) appears to be a brand Falcon once used. [7] [8]

Research Methods: Actual mentions, hidden data, online resources (see Links)


  • TOSCA (development) (Pictria)
Music: Suda Music Factory


  • Neppachi II @VPACHI: CR Harenchi Gakuen (JP Publisher: Daikoku)
  • Neppachi III @VPACHI: CR Do Konjou Gaeru 2 - CR Do Konjou Gaeru H (JP Publisher: Daikoku)
  • Neppachi IV @VPACHI: CR AA!! Hana no Ouendan 3 (JP Publisher: Daikoku)
  • Neppachi V @VPACHI: CR Monster House (JP Publisher: Daikoku)
  • Neppachi VI @VPACHI: CR O Takara Tankentai (JP Publisher: Daikoku)
  • Neppachi: 10ren Chan de Las Vegas Ryokou (JP Publisher: Daikoku)


  • Pescatore (unreleased) (Sunsoft) /Tierheit


  • TOSCA (development) (Pictria)
Music: Suda Music Factory


  • Pyramid Sorcerian (JP Publisher: Takeru [Brother]) /Tierheit
  • Sengoku Sorcerian (JP Publisher: Takeru [Brother]) /Tierheit
Music: RAY-NET
  • Sorcerian (JP Publisher: Takeru [Brother]) /Tierheit
Music: RAY-NET
  • Youma Kourin (JP Publisher: Dexter Soft)


  • AiZA (JP Publisher: Takeru [Brother]) /Tierheit
Developer?: Lawins
  • The Legends of Lune: Jikuu no Kanata (JP Publisher: Takeru [Brother]) /Tierheit
Developer?: Lawins
  • Sokoban Perfect (some programming) (JP Publisher: Thinking Rabbit)


  • Arcana Senki Ludo (JP Publisher: Pai)
Sound: Soramimi Studio
  • Baroque: Hizunda Mousou (co-developed with Sting) (JP Publisher: Sting)
  • Minakata Hakudou Toujou ([some?] programming) (JP Publisher: Atlus)
Direction: Fame Imajination; Developer: Thinking Rabbit
  • Minton Keibu no Sousa File: Doukeshi Satsujin Jiken ([some?] programming) (JP Publisher: Riverhill Soft)
Developer: Thinking Rabbit; 3D Graphics: O-Two; Music: Time Base

PlayStation 2

  • Neppachi Gold: CR Monster Mansion (JP Publisher: Daikoku)


  • Ryuuteki Gosennen: Dragons of China (programming) (JP Publisher: Imagineer)
  • Texthoth Ludo: Arcana Senki (JP Publisher: Pai)
Sound: Soramimi Studio
  • Waku Waku 7 (JP Publisher: Sunsoft)

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Xak: The Art of Visual Stage (programming, graphics) (JP Publisher: Sunsoft)


  • Crystal Class (JP Publisher: TGL)
Sound: Bluemoon
  • Jissen! Pachinko Kenkyuushitsu: CR Monster House (JP Publisher: Daikoku)


  • Chase H.Q. (JP Publisher: Takeru [Brother]) /Tierheit
Developer?: RAY-NET
One tweet alleges this was originally supposed to be released by Dexter as Chaser H.Q. [9]