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Exa Planning (株式会社エクサープランニング) was established on July 15, 1986, and headed by Akio Inoue (井上昭男) of Aicom. [1] [2] Evidence suggests that this was a separate company that existed alongside Aicom. [3]

The following games actually mention Exa Planning. It is possible other earlier games listed in the Aicom entry were also done by Exa Planning. (Was Exa Planning focused on arcade games?)


  • Angel Kids (Sega)
Programming: Eleca
  • Android (unreleased) (Nasco)
  • Megumi Rescue (unreleased) (Sega)
Programming: Eleca
  • Pythagoras no Nazo (Sega)
Programming: Eleca
  • Toki no Senshi (Sega)