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It's unclear what Exa Planning was. One former Aicom employee said it seems to refer to games co-produced by Aicom and Eleca (E = Eleca; A = Aicom). However, Eleca doesn't appear to have worked on all Exa games. Also, Eleca is usually mentioned, but not Aicom. Another former employee said it was another company run by Aicom's president. Given the time frame and staff overlap, it could also just be an earlier name for Aicom.

The following games actually mention Exa Planning. It's possible other earlier games in the Aicom entry were done by Exa Planning.


  • Angel Kids (Sega)
Programming: Eleca
  • Megumi Rescue (unreleased) (Sega)
Programming: Eleca
  • Pythagoras no Nazo (Sega)
Programming: Eleca
  • Toki no Senshi (Sega)