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*''Simple DS Series Vol.7 The Zokusha Kids: Bucchigiri Tsuushin Taisen!!'' (unreleased) (D3 Publisher)
*''Simple DS Series Vol. 7: Zokusha Kids, The: Bucchigiri Tsuushin Taisen!!'' (unreleased) (D3 Publisher)
:<small>???: Sun Tech, Luxe</small>
:<small>???: Sun Tech, Luxe</small>

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Electronics Application logo

Electronics Application (エレクトロニクスアプリケーション; aka Eleca [エレカ]) was established on December 3, 1980. [1]


  • Angel Kids (programming) (Sega)
Production: Exa Planning
  • Pythagoras no Nazo (programming) (Sega)
Production: Exa Planning


  • Simple DS Series Vol. 7: Zokusha Kids, The: Bucchigiri Tsuushin Taisen!! (unreleased) (D3 Publisher)
???: Sun Tech, Luxe

Game Boy

  • Rock'n! Monster!! (co-developed with Horisoft) (JP Publisher: Hori)

Game Boy Advance

  • Choro Q Advance / Gadget Racers (JP Publisher: Takara; US Publisher: Conspiracy Entertainment)
  • Choro Q Advance 2 (JP Publisher: Takara)

Game Boy Color

  • Choro Q: Hyper Customable GB (JP Publisher: Takara)
Sound: Reeb
  • Perfect Choro Q (JP Publisher: Takara)
Sound: Reeb

Game Gear

Production?, Sound: SIMS

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Dynamic Stadium (JP Publisher: Sammy)
[Hidden data]
  • Ippatsu Gyakuten! Keiba Keirin Kyoutei (JP Publisher: Planning Office WADA)
Actual mention [Shared staff]