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The Angry Video Game Nerd character as portrayed by Mr. James Rolfe is crass and vulgar, yet I still find his videos entertaining. The latest is his best in a while, and the entertainment is derived almost entirely from the subject itself - the near-softcore "interactive" slideshow Plumbers Don't Wear Ties for the 3DO.

Plumbers was published by Kirin Entertainment, a subsidiary of retailer Digital Stuff, Inc. originally started by Jason Chen in 1994 (the same year Plumbers was released). A while back, I thought it might be fun to write up an entry on Kirin for the site. While that may seem like a decision fueled by powerful narcotics, I assure you it was not. No amount of narcotics could make an entry on Kirin seem "fun." Kidding aside, I guess I'm just fascinated by these offbeat little companies.

Despite the oddity that is Plumbers, Kirin stuck around for at least another five years. In 1996, it released another 3DO title, a strategy game called The Perfect General. It also published Esoteria, an FPS for Windows which was apparently developed by Mobeus Designs. After learning that, I began to question if Kirin actually developed anything and scrapped the GDRI entry completely.

Kirin was also shopping around Incubust for the PlayStation at E3 in 1998. Unfortunately, the Wayback Machine didn't save any of the screenshots off the official website. It looks like Tecmo eventually picked the game up and proceeded to not release it. Bullet dodged?

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