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CRV (talk) 05:33, 3 August 2016 (CEST) [permalink]

Seen here: Chicago's world-famous palm trees

The first game released for Sega's System 32 arcade hardware, Rad Mobile was pretty impressive when it came out in 1991. It would be three years until there was a home machine powerful enough to contain it. Enter Gale Racer for the Saturn.

Does it succeed? Not really, in all honesty. It's an early Saturn game, and it shows. The draw distance is lower, and the frame rate just isn't as smooth. They also decided to turn the other vehicles into 3D models. The whole thing has kind of a janky, held-together-by-duct-tape look to it.

The moon from Sega CD Mansion of Hidden Souls appears as an emblem in Gale Racer. That may be because Gale Racer was largely outsourced to Mansion developer System Sacom.

The gist of Gale Racer, and the original Rad Mobile, is that you're driving across America, trying to claw your way to first place. While Rad Mobile moves seamlessly from locale to locale ala Out Run, Gale Racer pauses the game between stages to show you your time and load the next section. This really changes — some might say even ruins — the flow of the game.

There is one thing that hasn't changed: Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic made his first appearance in Rad Mobile, and he's still here, hanging from the rearview mirror. In Gale Racer, however, you earn mascot characters as you race. Earning enough mascot characters will turn Sonic into Tails and other characters in the Sonic universe.

Sega of America was at one time planning to release this in the States; they name-drop it in a press release announcing the Saturn's early release. According to an issue of GameFan, the US version was supposed to "be completely repaired to mimic the arcade game perfectly." Not sure what they were planning to do to fix it, but obviously nothing came of it.

Credit to the creator/uploader of the video above