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Talkin' Aicom and NowPro

  • I recently found a man who worked at Aicom (sub programmer on A.B. Cop [AC], planner/sub programmer on Viewpoint [NG]). I asked him a bunch of questions, but he opted to not really answer them. He may write about some of what I asked him on his website (which has a lot of interesting stuff; he seems to be a bit of a retro game fan) in the future. I will be waiting anxiously until then.
  • Travis Fahs (aka Frogacuda) recently wrote an article for IGN Retro about Now Production. Since much of the information was obviously derived from GDRI, it was nice to see a small mention and link at the end. Now what we need to see is some sort of exposé like what we've seen with Tose.
CRV 08:01, 19 December 2008 (CST)

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