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Shouichi Yoshikawa

If you haven't read our Shouichi Yoshikawa interview yet, read it! And if you read it before, you might want to read it again. Translations and rewrites will continue to be tweaked, but pretty much all the questions that are going to be put up are up (I have one last question awaiting a response).

This Q&A is undoubtedly the largest and most comprehensive in GDRI history, encompassing a month's worth of e-mailing each other back and forth, but I did leave some things out. Someone on the Lost Levels forums and various others posted magazine scans featuring unreleased Gen/MD games. One such game was Macress, which looked like Saint Sword to me. I asked Yoshikawa about this. He said Saint Sword was the US version of Macress. Then I pointed out that it was called Saint Sword in Japan, too. Then he said the main character's graphic in Saint Sword was different from the one in Macress, likening the situation to what happened with Time Diver: Eon Man.

I also asked him about why developers like A.I and Cyclone System weren't mentioned on games. At first, he thought I was talking individual staffers. He said it was taboo in the game industry at that time, but he tried to fight that by using full names in Golgo 13. I clarified what I meant, but I still didn't quite get what I wanted. His answer was interesting just the same.

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