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(PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16)
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===PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16===
===PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16===
*<div style="color:red">''Klax'' (JP/US Publisher: Tengen)</div>
*<div style="color:red">''Klax'' (sound?) (JP/US Publisher: Tengen)</div>
:<small>"J. Mizutari" is credited with audio.</small>
:<small>Mizutari is credited with audio.</small>
*''Monster Pro Wres'' (JP Publisher: ASK Kodansha)
*''Monster Pro Wres'' (JP Publisher: ASK Kodansha)
*<div style="color:red">''Off the Wall'' (sound effects?) (Tengen)</div>
:<small>Mizutari is credited with "Sound FX."</small>
===Super Famicom/Super NES===
===Super Famicom/Super NES===

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Astroll Co., Ltd. (株式会社アストロール), headed by Junichi Mizutari (水足淳一), was originally established on April 28, 1977, as 有限会社ユニック (Unic? Unique?). It became Astroll in June 1997. [1]

The company profile linked above does not mention anything about Lenar Co., Ltd. (株式会社レナール). It apparently had its own website [2], so it likely was a separate company.

Research Methods: Actual mentions, online resources (see Links), shared staff



  • Bird Week (JP Publisher: Toshiba EMI)
  • Image Fight (JP/US Publisher: Irem)
  • Major League (JP Publisher: Irem)
  • Mashou / Deadly Towers (JP Publisher: Irem; US Publisher: Brøderbund)
  • Napoleon Senki (JP Publisher: Irem)
  • Tetris 2 + BomBliss (JP Publisher: BPS)
Junichi Mizutari is credited with bomb sound digitization. [3] Did he do this on behalf of Lenar?
  • Zombie Hunter (background graphics, sound, voice synthesis) (JP Publisher: Hi-Score)

Game Boy

  • Battle of Kingdom (JP Publisher: Meldac)
  • F1 Boy (JP Publisher: ASK Kodansha)
  • Knight Quest (US/JP Publisher: Taito)
  • Tenjin Kaisen / Mercenary Force (JP/US Publisher: Meldac; EU Publisher: Nintendo)

PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16

  • Klax (sound?) (JP/US Publisher: Tengen)
Mizutari is credited with audio.
  • Monster Pro Wres (JP Publisher: ASK Kodansha)
  • Off the Wall (sound effects?) (Tengen)
Mizutari is credited with "Sound FX."

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • GT Racing (JP Publisher: Imagineer)
  • Gunman's Proof (JP Publisher: ASCII)
  • Magna Braban: Henreki no Yuusha (JP Publisher: ASK Kodansha)
  • Shushoku Game (JP Publisher: Imagineer)
  • Sun Spo Fishing Keiryu Ou (JP Publisher: Imagineer)
  • Touge Densetsu Saisoku Battle (JP Publisher: BPS)



  • Akiyama Jin Kyouju Kanshuu: Zennou JinJin / MinDStorm / Master Jin Jin's IQ Challenge (co-developed with Altair) (JP Publisher: ASK; EU/AU Publisher: 505 Games; US Publisher: Valcon Games)


  • Cocktail Harmony / Cocktail no Recipe (JP Publisher: Astroll/D3 Publisher)
  • Itadaki Street: Gorgeous King (some graphics) (JP Publisher: Enix)
Scenario, Game Design: Armor Project; Developer: Tomcat System; Some Graphics: Algo-Nicus, Goukaido; Sound: BeatManiac; Opening Movie: Shadow Entertainment
  • Sound Novel Evolution 2: Kamaitachi no Yoru Tokubetsu-hen (JP Publisher: Chunsoft)

PlayStation 2

  • American Arcade / Pinball (JP Publisher: Astroll; EU Publisher: Play It)
  • EX Billiard / Real Pool / International Cue Club (JP Publisher: Takara; US Publisher: Infogrames; EU Publisher: Midas Interactive Entertainment)
  • Hello Kitty no PikoPiko Daisakusen / Hello Kitty: Roller Rescue (JP Publisher: Hamster; EU/AU Publisher: Xplosiv) [4]
  • Mahou Tsukai Kurohime (JP Publisher: Tomy)
  • Shinjuku no Ookami (JP Publisher: Spike)

PlayStation 3

  • Seikan (unreleased)


  • Tokyo Majin Gakuen: Fuju Houroku (programming) (JP Publisher: Asmik Ace Entertainment)
Planning, Scenario, Some Graphics?: Shout! Design Works; Programming: Feathered?; Some Graphics?: Mcreate, Site Design?