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Akatsuki inc. (株式会社アカツキ)is Japanese independence mobile multimedia contents development firm, has an existing track record for long-term nine-years mobile app service at these games, "cinderella nine" and "cinderella eleven" too like the case of cygames inc.[1] Besides, they have existed notorious records at their most-shorty date service termination on only two-months mobile app service by 'denou pandemic'(電脳パンデミック)at 2013.[2] and they had to try to expand their office and service within Taiwan(ROC) and Korea(ROK) in the same year, but it has eventually brake down.[3][4]


  • nakazawa aki
  • yamaguchi aki


  • sodatete my girl
service mangerment support:mobage/gree
  • bousou datenshi
service mangerment support:mobage/gree
  • kizuna no fantasia
service mangerment support:mobage/gree
  • cinderella nine
service mangerment support:mobage/gree charater design support:nakazawa aki, yamaguchi aki, gomano rio, chatsubaki[5] korean localization support?:enpv1 games inc.(이엔피브이원주식회사)[6]