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A-Max logo

A-Max (エーマックス株式会社) is a Seijou, Setagaya, Tokyo-based development company started in 1993 and headed by Ryoji Amano (天野亮司), who previously worked on the Formation Soccer series at Human.

Art appears to have broken off from here.

Research Methods: Actual mentions, interviews


  • Zoids Battle Colosseum (programming) (JP Publisher: Takara Tomy)

Nintendo 64

  • J.League Dynamite Soccer 64 (JP Publisher: Imagineer)


  • Dynamite Soccer 2000 (JP Publisher: A-Max)
  • Dynamite Soccer 2002 (JP Publisher: A-Max)
  • Dynamite Soccer 2004 Final (JP Publisher: A-Max)
  • Dynamite Soccer 98 / The Soccer: Dynamite Soccer 1500 (JP Publisher: A-Max/D3 Publisher)

Super Famicom/Super NES

  • Battle Cross (JP Publisher: Imagineer)
  • J.League Excite Stage '94 / Capcom's Soccer Shootout / Soccer Shootout (JP Publisher: Epoch; US Publisher: Capcom; EU Publisher: Nintendo)
Some Graphics? [1], Sound: Triad
  • J.League Excite Stage '95 (JP Publisher: Epoch)
  • J.League Excite Stage '96 (co-developed with Art?) (JP Publisher: Epoch)