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Level-5 inc(株式会社レベルファイブ) is a Japanese top-leading Multi-talented firm together Nintendo, Bandai Namco, Konami, studio Ghibli.[1][2] Present-CEO Hino Akihiro had founded its company in 1998.[3][4] They have prominent video games as Inazuma eleven, professor Layton, Yo-kai watch, LBX, snack world, Ni no Kuni.[5][6][7][8] Their headquarters office exists in Fukuoka, along with Tokyo.[9][10] And the organization structure is well-comprise for themselves multimedia proposals. They can accomplish their almost promising rights case like approaching Yo-kai watch to western customers.[11][12] moreover, their webpage provides mentions provide case studies of some small and almighty sections on approach to henceforth customers.[13]

list of contractor

senior-level independence contractors

level-5 CEO akihiro hino
  • CEO/President Hino akihiro(日野晃博)
  • excutive motomura ken(本村健)He is level-5's senior-level video game producer and one of their board members. Usually, His task is management their video game project for them. In the case of the Yo-kai watch, he had undergone the 'reality on yo-kai watch project' that means an unuseful chat could include in their game.[14][15][16]
  • Graphic Director takuzo nagano(長野拓造)He is renowned for standard anime/manga characters to their games. Especially, responsible for notable JRPG fiction characters, like Amano Keita and fumika(Nate and Katie) for yo-kai watch, endou Mamoru for inazuma eleven, Chup for snack world, Layton for professor layton, etc...[17][18]
  • Sound contents managing director kenichiro saigo(西郷憲一郎) His career developed into Yo-kai watch sound projects. He had remarked at contribution via negotiation with CEO Hino Akihiro and the other employees for these projects.[19][20]
  • Sound contents support technician manager takeshi inoue(井上 岳志) His main task is supporting level-5's digital audio library. Originally His career has started as to elevator technician. But he had encountered self-publishing music, decided to change his career path to digital audio works. Upon this opportunity, he joined some outsourcing for level-5 video game projects. Fortunately, Hino Akihiro and many of their chief executive encountered his sense of responsibility, Themselves had accepted him.[21][22][23][24][25][26]
  • Video game General environment senior Art manager yanai nobuyuki(梁井 信之) He performs the other art manager task for them. Unlike takuzo, he is responsible for the establishment of the 3D Art environment at their game.[27][28][29]

mid/low-level in-house support contractors

  • Graphic content support manger tanaka miho(田中美保) She is one of the signify in-house support Designers at level-5 Inc. Her Yo-kai Watch tasks had started since their third game. Until accepted from these projects, she focused on another design support for the project 'girl's RPG cinderella' within 3DS. [30][31][32][33]

production sections on contracted

in-house contracted production section

They possess almighty sections that can prepare henceforth contract of yo-kai watch, Inazuma eleven, danball Senki, snack world. Themselves had comprised for contributing to project organization operation with efficient activity.[34][35][36][37]

the contracted outsourcing section at japan

  • level-5 comcept
  • free style work co ltd. They are known to accomplish some small Graphic task work for their parent company, level-5. and They comprise freelancer workers contracted to work flexible hours.[38][39]
  • level-5 motion capture studio[40]

contracted overseas section

They were holds overseas section in the US.[41] But, some rumors say their office halted since 2020.[42] Meanwhile, they exist an IP license contracted to SMG holdings corp for ROK.[43]


early Playstation games under Fukuoka direct control

  • dark cloud(Wold publisher:Sony interactive entertainment)
localization support:Sony interactive entertainment America, Sony interactive entertainment Europe
  • dark cloud 2(world publisher:Sony interactive entertainment)
localization support:Sony interactive entertainment America marketing section, SIEA production section, SIE korea corp.[44]

prominent IP video game right partnership with Nintendo DS/3DS/Wii/Wii U/switch platform

  • Professor Layton and the Curious Village(non-japan Publisher:Nintendo)
localization support:Nintendo of america, nintendo of europe gmbh, nintendo korea co. ltd(주식회사 한국닌텐도)[45]