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C2Praparat Co., Ltd(株式会社C2プレパラート) is a Japanese independent video game self-Publisher/Developer. Their activity can encounter in the kantai collection world(kancolle).[1] CEO/President Tanaka Kensuke has led its firm, responsible for many contracts to further projects with its game. Themselves outset activity was a conclusion for contract 'kantai collection' with DMM inc.[2][3][4][5] Henceforth suffer these experiences, they can gradually expand their area to video game consoles, anime, manga, novels.[6][7][8][9]

list of contractors

  • Tanaka kensuke : His career has started with a small PC-98 game project. That was very few early Japanese 3D polygon games based on Area 88 manga franchise.[10]
  • Shizuma yoshinori(しずまよしのり)[11][12]
  • bob[13]
  • yadokari(やどかり)[14]
  • paseri[15][16]

video game projects

  • kantai collection for DMM
    • kantai collection for mobile
Publishing and Devlopment support:DMM,EXNOA
  • kantai collection for arcade
Publishing and sales support:sega,SEGA Logistics Service Co.,Ltd
  • Kantai collection for PS vita
Publishing and Devlopment support:Kadokawa games