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CRV (talk) 09:00, 4 February 2013 (CST) [permalink] [comments]

W Ring (or Double Ring in Japanese) is a decent, overlooked, somewhat easy shooter for the PC Engine published by Naxat. As is so often the case here, I really just want to talk about the story behind the game.

According to anonymous comments on Japanese sites, W Ring was developed by Flight-Plan, better known for the Black/Matrix and Summon Knight series. Development was slow, and the staff went to Naxat after it was finished, where they got to work on games like Coryoon and Air Zonk.

If true, this might explain the large gap between Flight-Plan's 1989 founding and the earliest game listed on their website, Metamor Jupiter from 1993.

The story checks out in my judgment. Financial documents pertaining to Eighting reveal that Yuichi Ochiai, main programmer on W Ring, joined Flight-Plan in November 1989, then Naxat in June 1990, three months before W Ring was released in Japan. He currently serves on Eighting's board of directors.


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