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aquaplus(株式会社アクアプラス) is one of the notable production corporate aims to premium anime and video games for Japanese otaku citizens. They have themselves parent company, Toranoana.[1][2] And Their achievements are To heart, Utawarerumono, Tears to Tiara, Dungeon Travelers, White album.[3][4][5] They had been mentioned groups within notorious 'Eroge' until 2009. fortunately, It was terminated rapidly with next year.[6] Present, They are focused and funding to Middle-scale video game franchises, which expand to e-commerce for henceforth customer experience.[7][8] Meanwhile, Themselves early activities created some impressions, Especially taken to citizens in the Republic of Korea. one of the early customers, Hyun nak-song(현낙송) and serika(세리카) has addressed review on has addressed review on them at their micro-blog sites.[9][10][11]

list of contractors

  • mitsumi misato(みつみ美里)
  • shimokawa naoya(下川直哉)
  • honjou tatami(本条たたみ)
  • kawata hisashi(河田優)